Our objectives

While there were still 1.3 million elephants  in the 1970s, today’s worldwide elephant population has dropped under  500,000 – due to excessive poaching.  Our objective is the worldwide protection of elephants and their habitats. We want to increase public awareness about the existential threat to elephants and engage in dialogue with politicians, hoping to improve elephant protection by law.

We support a number of local wildlife conservation projects, establishing anti-poaching measures in cooperation with local communities, protecting habitats and caring for injured elephants.

We are working to achieve a complete shut-down of national ivory markets, a ban on all international  ivory trade as well as the end of trophy hunting. We pursue these objectives by participating  in pressure groups, writing open letters, setting up petitions and also engage in dialogue with decision makers.

Together with the international initiative Global March for Elephants and Rhinos (GMFER) we aim to stop poaching, and to choke demand for ivory once and for all (main focus Asia).